You’re nobody these days unless you can wax lyrical about craft beers, apparently.

And as a lager top kind of beer drinker (as in I’ll only drink beer if it’s a particularly sunny day) I needed to get to grips with this phenomenon.

They do sell craft beer in the Westow, and probably other places around the triangle but for the purpose of this post, I’m going to talk about the new pop up bar Beer Rebellion in Gipsy Hill.

Directly opposite the station you can’t really miss it and it’s probably got the best pub name I’ve ever heard. In fact the name itself had me hopping down the hill to try it out.

Friends understanding my aversion to anything tasting too much like, ahem, beer recommended that I try a bottle called No.9.

This was met with blank faces at first and I looked like a bit of an eejit, but a few delicious beer tastings later (yes delicious, honestly! I think I like beer now, well special craft beer anyway), we finally stumbled across the much talked about No.9. But by this stage it was time to head off. I will be back for a No.9 soon.


It was a perfect evening for a beer, so it was rude not to really..


You’ll get served by really fun people with good hair…


That’s the living room downstairs, it’s so cosy, you won’t want to leave..also probably quite a good hiding place. Before everyone else finds out about it that is.


As you can see, there’s alot of beer to choose from, no wonder they couldn’t find No.9 at first 🙂


Ah, there it is! It does exist afteral.

Beer Rebellion landed on our shores thanks to Lake Knight which is opening a bar in Brockley in June/July time. They’re also looking to extend their residency in Gipsy Hill. I hope this happens, it’s a great space, really different to anything else in SE19. They’ve even managed to get me excited about beer.

If you haven’t popped in yet, I highly recommend you do…


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