Nope, not the restaurant on Church Road (more of that in another blog shortly) but the ACTUAL market on Haynes Lane. I was supposed to upload these pictures last week but alas, I managed to concuss myself with an overzealous Eurovision party dance move.

The vibrant foodie stalls sprung up a few weeks ago and I understand it’s already a great success.┬áThe market was kicked off by a group called the Crystal Palace Transition Town, which is encouraging local communities to work together towards a more sustainable future.

A stroll down the lane makes for a delicious Saturday morning pitt stop and whether you’re after some wild garlic, nice slabs of meat, a spot of rustic lunch or just a mooch n chat, there are feel good vibes aplenty so tuck in…

Here are some mouth-watering photos courtesy of local photographer Anne Weingarten (@workoutpact)




And I think that face sums it all up brilliantly!